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Dear Customer!

Currently, we are working directly with Turo, to provide our customers the best insurance and experience possible. Turo automated pricing determines the prices by considering age, price, and cost of the vehicle. Turo will take a significant part of the rental for the franchise operating cost as well as advertising and internet handling.

Pricing is mostly determined by Turo and also depends on the time of the week and the season of the year. Here are the Turo links for each vehicle. For an exact pricing self-driving, please click on the link below per vehicle.

Tesla Roadster Original

Tesla Model S P90D Sedan

Tesla Model X 100D SUV

The vehicle with driver is only for Model 3, Model S Sedan and Model X.

Flat rates with driver

Tesla Model 3 $ 299 Sedan with driver (up to 4h)

Tesla Model S $ 349 Luxury Sedan with driver (up to 4h)

Tesla Model X $ 399 Luxury SUV with driver (up to 4h)

In this case reserve with the green button below.

Why do we need one-day notice to prepare you the Tesla? We want to make sure that the vehicle is fully charged and in an absolute best physical and visual condition.

Until the end of April 2018 previous customer who decides to buy a Model S or X with our referral code, we will refund up to $250 when Tesla delivers your new vehicle.

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