About Us

Believe us it is possible to travel electric even when pulling a trailer behind your electric towing vehicle. We as your host of your vehicle will share our of our experience that we made traveling electric through the Southwest of the United States.

An undeniable advantage is that most of the RV camp sides have 240 Volt and 50 Amp outlets. With every vehicle, we will supply you with changing equipment. If you hop from park to park, you can forget about spending money on fuel because the RV parks do offer flat rates. Every night, you can recharger your vehicle and use the 30 Amp connector to still supply enough electricity for appliances and your heating for cooling.

Our Passion

Traveling electric with a Tesla has become easy and seamless in the last few years. Now we want to extend this to travel for camping. Sure if you do this without a trailer is still easy, and you can camp in the vehicle itself or with a tent attached to the vehicle. The air condition is provided by the car itself with “Camp Mode”

We can convince you that traveling with a travel trailer and with an electric towing vehicle is possible and even saves you a lot of money if you take time and do smaller steps from park to park.

Sustainable traveling is relaxing and comes with great comfort that lets you arrive at your destination easily. We want you to enjoy nature and the beauty of the South West of the United States.

Our Goals

We would like to replace the entire fleet of fossil fuel-powered vehicles which preserves you money to spend it in nature without compromises. We would like you to have a quiet conscience sleep in the great outdoors.

We want to bring sustainable RV travel to everyone and will support them throughout the trip. If required, we would deliver free trip planning and assistance throughout your vacation with charging tips, route suggestions, and more savings throughout your journey.

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