Sparc Rental & Promotion Manager

Goodyear Arizona

The Rental and promotion Manager is charged with overall responsibility for the acquisition and nurture of European Customers and the management of their rental requirements and belongings.

We are looking for a self-motivated manager who can promote our fleet of electric vehicles with travel trailers for customers, preferably in German-speaking countries. The manager should have technical knowledge of electric vehicles for towing travel trailers. The manager should speak and write well German, especially for promotions and advertising overseas with possible visits to Europe over a few weeks a year.

Department following company policies and procedures.

Plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales of products or services, working with customers, company officials, sales departments, and advertising agencies.

• Inspect layouts and advertising copy and edit scripts, audio, video, and other promotional material for adherence to specifications.

• Confer with department heads or staff to discuss contracts, advertising media selection, or products to be announced.

• Coordinate with the media to disseminate advertising.

• Plan and execute advertising policies and strategies for organizations.

• Coordinate activities of departments, such as sales, graphic arts, media, finance, and research.

• Direct, motivate, and monitor the mobilization of a campaign team to advance campaign goals.

 • Prepare budgets and submit estimates for program costs as part of campaign plan development.

 • Contact organizations to explain the services and facilities offered.

 • Monitor and analyze sales promotion results to determine the cost-effectiveness of promotion campaigns.

  • Identify and develop contacts for promotional campaigns and industry programs that meet identified buyer targets, such as dealers, distributors, or consumers.

• Track program budgets, expenses, and campaign response rates to evaluate each campaign based on program objectives and industry norms.

• Read trade journals and professional literature to stay informed on trends, innovations, and changes that affect media planning.

• Manage sales team, including setting goals, providing incentives, and evaluating employee performance.

• Prepare and negotiate advertising and sales contracts.

• Train and direct workers engaged in developing and producing advertisements.

• Formulate plans to extend business with established accounts and to transact business as an agent for advertising accounts.

• Assemble and communicate with a strong, diverse coalition of organizations or public figures, securing their cooperation, support, and action to further campaign goals.

• Provide presentation and product demonstration support while introducing new products and services to field staff and customers.

• Represent the company at trade association meetings to promote products.

• Direct and coordinate product research and development.

• Analyze marketing or sales trends to forecast future conditions.

• Analyze the effectiveness of marketing tactics or channels.

• Attend or participate in conferences, community events, and promotional events related to products or technologies.

• Research consumer opinions and buying habits and identify target audiences for products, services, or technologies.

• Coordinate with marketing team members, graphic artists, and other workers to develop and implement marketing programs.

• Develop communications materials, advertisements, presentations, or public relations initiatives to promote awareness of products and services.

• Develop comprehensive marketing strategies using knowledge of products, technologies, markets, and regulations.

• Devise or evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data, such as surveys, opinion polls, and questionnaires.

• Maintain portfolios of marketing campaigns, strategies, and other marketing products or ideas.

• Compute charges for merchandise or services and receive payments.

• Receive service orders, such as rentals, repairs, dry cleaning, and storage.

• Explain rental fees, policies, and procedures.

• Advise customers on the use and care of merchandise.

• Answer telephones to provide information and receive orders.

• Inspect and adjust rental items to meet the needs of the customer.

• Provide information about rental items, such as availability, operation, or description.

• Greet customers and discuss the type, quality, and quantity of merchandise sought for rental.

• Prepare rental forms, obtaining customer signatures and other information, such as required licenses.

• Rent items, arrange for the provision of services to customers, and accept returns.

• Receive, examine, and tag articles to be altered, cleaned, stored, or repaired.

• Reserve items for requested times and keep records of items rented. 

• Prepare merchandise for display purchase or rental.

• Recommend and provide advice on a wide variety of products and services. 

• Allocate equipment to participants in sporting events or recreational activities.


  • Comprehension of the vacation attractions in the geographical region in the Southwest of the USA.
  • Good familiarity with bookkeeping software knowledge in the rental industry. 
  • Excellent communication skills in English and German
  • Commitment to work in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria for a few weeks per year
  • Know-how about electric vehicles when towing travel trailers.
  • Extensive skills in promotion events and the public presentation of the electric rental car company
  • Acquaintances in the area of tourist marketing

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